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Hochwertige englische Übersetzungen für Werbung, Marketing, PR, Wissenschaft, München, Augsburg
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Who we are

The best of both worlds

When we say our communication workshop offers “the best of both worlds,” we’re not just referring to the fact that a German and an English native speaker collaborate on nearly every project we receive. It’s also the best of both worlds because the Wortschleife workday has more hours to get the work done than elsewhere. Wondering how?

It’s simple: By the time Fran has already spent a few hours in the morning happily creating, translating and editing texts in Augsburg, Germany, the sun is only just rising for Martha in Montreal, Canada. At around 3 p.m. Augsburg time, we have our first conference call where we fine-tune details, brainstorm around slogans and taglines and generally inspire each other. It’s only at that point that the Canadian side—Martha’s workday—fully takes off. Our busy agency clients, for whom the workday is simply never long enough, often find this a real plus.

Defying the time-space continuum.

Dr. phil. Franziska Mosthaf

A native German speaker, Fran was captivated by the expressive power of the English language at an early age. This led her to study English at universities in England, Germany and the US—and earn a PhD in English Literature, too. She also studied Business Administration, worked as a freelance journalist and found her niche in the world of marketing. The Wortschleife is where she gets to bring it all together: her love of language, marketing and linguistic clarity—in both English and German. What does she like best? Inspiring clients with flawless text and great service.

Martha Randy

Martha has spent her whole life in awe of words—how they sound, where they come from and how they can best be used. So when it comes to crafting exquisite English for you, she’s simply doing what comes naturally. Martha selects the words that sound right, read right—and make you shine. A native English speaker from New York, she’s both a Germanophile and a Francophile by experience and qualification, and while she can feel at home most anywhere, she currently hangs her hat in Montreal, Canada.